Does your dog deserve to enjoy a good holiday?

Our kennels are large and lead directly onto grassed and fenced exercise and play areas where dogs can run and play each morning and afternoon. We have separate sections for Puppy’s & Seniors, Teenage & Adult dogs. All guests are graded and assessed on 5 different points with consideration to their breed and size, age, temperament and individual needs…. where possible we find companion for your dog so they enjoy their holiday even more. Dogs are encouraged to play and socialise with other dogs of similar size and nature so they have more fun and playtime. Why not consider a Luxury Suite for your indoor dog?

Vaccination and other requirements: Dogs must be over 5 months of age and be vaccinated annually by a vet. They must be up to date with their annual C5 vaccination and worming. Tick protection is compulsory all year round. We use and recommend Preventik collars which are available at reception. We prefer all dogs to be desexed and we only accept sociable dogs.

Our Goal: We aim to return your dog to you happy and healthy after having had a marvelous time on their holiday… many happy owners have said “there pets have a better time on holiday than them”.

Hydrobaths:The reality is no matter how clean the facilities dogs can and will get dirty when they stay and play at the kennels… Have your dog bathed so they go home clean and fluffy smelling like like a rose.  Hydrobaths with blow dry & coat conditioner cost from $22 *complementary for stays of 7 days or more in the kennels (conditions apply) or Luxury suites

Food & Bedding: We use and recomend premium foods such as Royal Canin and Next Generation – Holistic and fresh meat rolls, and provide flea free trampoline style beds. We do not require food unless your dog is on a diet prescribed by a vet. Treats are welcome, but no bones or chicken wings!

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Daily boarding rates*          

Entire Dogs (not desexed)   From $34          

Med/Lge Dogs (over 10kg)   From $27

Small Dogs (under 10kg)      From $25

*Holidays + $3  (All Qld State & Private School Holidays & Qld Public Holidays) 

Prices are charged per calendar day for standard boarding based on shared accommodation and include GST.  

Medication $3 (per day)

Other Services and Costs

Walks: Does your dog enjoy a walk?  Have your dog walked on a lead around our beautifully grounds and award winning gardens. Available one or twice daily at $8 per session 5-10 minutes.

Veterinary Services - accident or illness: In the event of accidental injury or illness we have arrangements with the best veterinary clinics in Logan & Redlands who on call 24 hours if needed. Should your pet require treatment for any reason and the need is non urgent – we will phone you first, if the need is urgent – we phone the vet first. All veterinary fees and transport cost’s to and from the vets are the responsibility of the pet owner, and must be paid prior to the release of the pet.

Pick Up & Delivery available Mon – Fri from your home, work or Brisbane airport. Prices start from $33 each way. (Pick up & del is not available Weekends, Public holidays, Easter, Christmas/New Year 20th Dec – 5th Jan).