Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a couple of minutes to read and understand the FAQ's, doing so will make your pets holiday a much happier and more enjoyable one. Our policies are designed to enable us to provide the best overall pet care and customer service to all guest's.  

1. My pet has never been boarded before will they be OK? 

Yes. Nervous first time mums should not be worried! Most pets, just like children on their first day of school, settle in and quickly adjust to a new environment. We aim to make every guest's visit a happy, safe and enjoyable one. We do this by providing a clean, safe and secure resort like environment with a professional team of animal lovers dedicated to looking after your pet. Most importantly we love pets too! You may be pleasantly surprised how much fun they have when away from home?

2. What if I am runing late can I come out of hours? 

No. Please understand our guest's and neighbors are disturbed as dogs often bark when pets check in and out. Our opening hours are designed to make holidaying with us an enjoyable experience for all. We ask that customers observe & respect our opening hours. If you are running late and not going to get here please phone and advise us!

3. Can I bring my dogs bedding or toys?

No. Except for guest's staying in Luxury Suites. We provide dogs staying in the kennels with flea free trampoline beds and toys in the play yards. Personal bedding gets wet or dirty and is very difficult to keep clean and dry. Personal toys create friction amongst other dogs and get damaged or lost. You can bring coats for your dog in Winter, if your dog wears one. Coats must be clearly marked with your pets name and family surname. 

4. Can I bring my cats bedding or toys?

Yes. You are welcome to bring a small bed a blanket or a toy, but not if you need to hook up the box trailer on to fit them in!  NOTE: Bedding etc may be returned soiled. They cannot be cleaned as items would get lost in the wash.

5. How far ahead should I book? 

Easter & Christmas are often booked out up to 3 months or more in advance. Cornubia's Luxury Suites are booked out most weekends, often up to 2-3 weeks ahead.

6. Deposits / Cancelations

Dog & Cat bookings require a $100 Non refundable deposit per pet for all Easter & Christmas bookings. Luxury Suites require a $200 non refundable deposit for all bookings. Deposits must be paid at the time of booking and can be paid by Visa & MasterCard over the phone or with cash or EFTPOS at reception during opening hours. Cancelations with more than 30 days notice the deposit amount less a $35 booking fee can be transferred to another booking within 6 molnths. Cancelations with less than 1 months notice deposits are forfieted. Changes to dates for Easter & Christmas will not be accepted 1 month prior to check in. 

7. My pet is a fussy eater, should I bring there own food? 

No. Unless they are on a diet prescribed by a vet, in which case you need to supply that. We feed and recommend Royal Canin premium food which is a complete and nutritionally balanced diet that most dogs and cats love and do really well on. Do not be concerned that your pet will not eat our food as we always endeavor to find some thing that your pet will eat, we have never had a pet starve! 

8. Do you offer discounts for long term? 

Yes. Discounted rates apply for periods of 1 month or more outside of Easter and Christmas holidays. Please ask our friendly staff for our long term rates.

9. What if my pets get sick or injures them self?

In the event of accident or illness we have arrangements with the some of best veterinary clinics in Logan & Redlands who we can call upon to look after your pet 24 hours a day if necessary. If it is not urgent - we will phone you first. If it is urgent - we phone the vet first. All veterinary cost's and transport to and from the vets is the responsibility of the pet owner and must be paid for prior to check out.

10. Can I phone and check on my pet? 

Yes. If you feel the need to and it makes you more comfortable. Check your email while you're away as our guest's have access to and often send emails to mums and dads! Keep in mind that we will always endeavor to contact you, or an alternate contact person, if there is a problem.

11. What if I cannot pick up on the original check out day and need to extend? 

Please contact reception and advise us as soon as possible. Except for Easter and Christmas extensions are rarely a problem. Any additional days can be paid for on pick up.

12. What if I have a change of plans and wish to pick up early? 

For dogs you need to give us at least 24 hours notice if they are to be bathed and dried. With less than 24 hours notice dogs may not be bathed and you could pick up a dirty dog? For cats no problem, as they don't get bathed. There are NO REFUNDS for early pick up.

13. Can you bath my dog before pick up?

Yes. Hydro bath and blow dry is available and should be booked and paid at check in. If you need to change your pick up date or time you must give us 24 hours notice to allow for bathing.

14. My dog needs exercise, can they be taken for walks?

Yes. Dog walks are available on a lead around our grounds. Walks are available once or twice daily, please book with reception.

15. My cat requires brushing, can this be done?

Yes. Brushing is available, with playtime, as an optional additional service as often as you require. It is not included in the standard boarding fee. Please book at reception.

16. My pet sometimes looses/gains weight when boarding, is that normal?

Yes. Just like humans when we go on holidays, our weight can change and so can your pets. A change of atmosphere, extra activity from playing and running around having fun, or eating healthy nutritious food (and their is plenty of good food on offer) can all effect your pets weight. A moderate change in weight is not unusual.

17. Is it always that noisy or quite at the kennels?

No. This depends on the time of day. Generally dogs will bark more during busy times such as… feeding, hosing and cleaning, exercise/play, and when we are open for check In/Out or during customer inspections. Dogs are quite and rarely bark… after feeding, when they are tired – after exercise and play, at night – except occasionally during storms/fireworks or loud noises, when we are closed and not checking pets In/Out or have customers (strangers to them) on site. Just like when dogs are at home.

18. My dog hates storms/fireworks, will he or she be ok?

We cannot make any guarantees on any pets safety or well being. You should inform us when making your booking and provide medication with written instructions.  A manager resides onsite and will attend to guest's needs if they know about forecast storms, fireworks or hear a disturbance and are woken. NOTE: Staff do not sleep in the kennels with the dogs at night, but this could be arranged for addtional and fair fee should you require.

19. My dog can jump/climb fences, can he/she escape?

Well yes! If they can get over the 1.8 metre/6' colorbond, weldmesh and chain wire fences that surround the kennels and play yards. It is your responsiblity to inform us if your dog can climb or jump fences or is an escape artist. They may need to be kept in the kennels (Houdinis wing) and not be permitted in the exercise areas. Climbers or jumpers can be taken for daily walks on a lead and should be booked and paid at reception. NOTE: Staff do supervise exercise and play, but cannot be watching dogs every single minute whilst attending to there duties such as feeding, cleaning, checking pets In/Out.

20. My dog does not like or get on with other dogs, can they still be boarded?

Yes and No. Discuss with staff at reception.

We trust all your questions have been answered should you wish to know about something that is not answered here please phone reception and ask one of our friendly staff, we will endeavor to answer your question and then add it to our FAQ's.

FAQ's for Animal World Pet Resorts (Dog & Cat Boarding)