Meet Our Team

Our Team of professional Animal Lovers…..

Hi I’m Glenn – Director

I look after the administration drafting the policies and procedures to ensure your pet is looked after and our Resorts run smoothly. I am dedicated to improving the care of pets and have traveled extensively around Australia and the USA studying and assisting the pet industry. I served 10 years on the executive committee of the Association of Pet Boarding & Grooming, 7 as President. I am happiest when I am on the tractor or mower and I much prefer gardening than paperwork. I am passionate about pet care and absolutely love caring and looking after your pets, there is nothing else in this world that I would rather do!

Colleen Kujo 2014

Hi I’m Colleen – Manager Cornubia

I Manage the Cornubia facility and look after the Reception, and have the often difficult task of managing and juggling bookings. I enjoy meeting people and looking after nice pet owners, and love seeing the different characters of pets. I also get to decide who gets to stay and who misses out, so you best be nice to me!

Lisa Mitchel 2013 Hi I’m Lisa - Animal Attendant

I love the different personalities of our guest’s and enjoy walking and playing with the dogs. I commenced working for AWPR's at Cornubia in 2007 and thoroughly enjoy working with pets. I recently completed a Diploma in Business Management (Cert 1V). I have 2 Chihuahua’s Junior and Queenie.

Erika Tindall Oct 2013 Hi I'm Erica - Animal Attendant

I like working with the cats as I feel that they are the quite part of my days. I love how the small dogs are always happy to go and play with each other. My favourite part of my job is seeing the customers happy and the pets ready to come back before they have even gone home. I like seing pets wagging their tails or meowing happily when we come to take them for their holiday with us. This is me and Brian.


Kristal Hutchins 2014 -1 Hi I’m Kristal - Assistant Animal Attendant

I completed year 12 at Stretton State College in 2014 whilst doing a traineeship cert 1V in Animal Studies. I plan to study futher in 2015 whilst working part time. I love workng with the pets and seeing the many different personality's. 

Marilo 2014

Lee Johnson - Peppe  2014

Hi I’m Mary Lou – Manager Park Ridge

My role in Managing Park Ridge is to ensure that all our guest’s are safe, comfortable and have an enjoyable holiday with us. I also ensure that caring pet owners have peace of mind and feel comfortable about leaving their pets with us. I have a great love of all Animals particularly big dogs that love the rough and tumble play. 




Hi I'm Lee - Animal Attendent

I have a great love of pets and enjoy looking after them, specialy when I see the pets return and they seem so happy and many remember us. Some times the dogs get so excited comming in, bouncing up and down wagging their tails they literally jump out of the car and can't wait to get in to the kennels. This make the job worthwhile!